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LinkedIn is an online social network designed to create professional and business relationships between its users.
With more than 400 million users worldwide and one million users in Israel LinkedIn is a powerful advertising platform that is considered the most effective for the business sector, in Israel and around the world.

The quality of the leads received by LinkedIn is much higher than any other social media because it directly target the audience such as: C.E.O, Marketing mangers, Owners, vice president and many more…

LinkedIn provides valuable online platform to promote and market brands, build networks and create mutually beneficial professional relationships.


• Businesses that appeal to business audience and B2B services
• Facing a global audience
• Branding presence.

Starting from  800$

We take proud of our reports. those reports are made to understand and measure our success. We use not only LinkedIn data but also analytics data such as behavior, acquisition, and audience to better understand the goals process and user flow.