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Facebook is the largest and strongest social network in the world with nearly 2 billion users worldwide and approximately 5 million members in Israel. Facebook is not only a large platform, its also a place where Israelis spend most of their time in.

Advertising on Facebook is an effective and focused marketing which allows each ad to direct a specific audience by area of residence, sex, age, marital status, interests etc. And to reach all users on Facebook, in all kinds of devices (PCs, tablets and mobile phones).

Facebook is a powerful tool to increase conversions – sales or leads.

In eddition to Facebook advertising we also offer advertising in Instegram – Social network based on images and short video clips. Instagram is one of the world’s most popular networks. It enables brands with visual material to present and sell their products in attractive and creative ways.


1. Increase your E-commerce sales or lead
2 .The cost is significantly cheaper in relation to any other advertising media.
3. The exposure to ads on Facebook is huge – thousands each day.
4. Facebook Advertising is segmented and targeted to a B2C audience
5. Great for Branding. Exposure

Starting from  1000$

We take proud of our reports. those reports are made to understand and measure our success. We use not only Facebook data but also analytics data such as behavior, acquisition, and audience to better understand the goals process and user flow.